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The building that today houses Polhem Bed & Breakfast dates back to the 18th century. It was the official residence of the chief engineer or konstmästare (“craft-masters”) as they were known; one of them was the inventor Christopher Polhem. Here, history is in the walls; today those walls are papered in 18th-century-stile patterns.

Why is it called Polhem B&B?

He is one of Sweden’s most famous inventors, the 18th-century genius Christopher Polhem.  In posterity he is celebrated for trail-blazing ideas that revolutionised mining in Falun.

He came to Falun Mine after the major collapse in 1687 which created the vast cavity now known as The Great Open Pit. His inventions, like his famous hakspel hoisting mechanism, rescued the mining industry in Falun.

Barchaeus, Wallman and Sofia Magdalena

Our rooms are named after chief engineers, royalty and other historically celebrated individuals who visited the mine. We’re sure you’ll get to know each of them once you’re here.

Polhem Bed & Breakfast has seven rooms – double or family rooms; there is a view out over The Great Open Pit from many of them. Depending on the time of year, we open the veranda doors for breakfast outside, and so you can observe the Eurasian eagle owl that nests in the open mine.

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